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Nicotine e-liquid should be easily accessible

Nicotine e-liquid should be easily accessible

May 18, 2016

 Nicotine e-liquid should be easily accessible. Maori women want change to NZ legislation.

ONE News has recently run a story on New Zealand women Sophie Strickland has been successful at quitting smoking for 4 months since she decided to try vaping.

This is one of many examples of anecdotal evidence emerging to show the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes for helping users quit smoking. However, in New Zealand, retailers are not legally allowed to market vaping devices/e-cigs as quit-smoking devices.

Ms Strickland has joined a support group of women who use e-cigarettes with nicotine despite the nicotine not being available locally in New Zealand under New Zealand's current laws.

Nicotine e-cigarettes vaporise a nicotine solution that is then inhaled just like a standard cigarette but without the tar and many other carcinogens.

Sophie, who is a mother of 8, is very happy to finally be able to say she has quit smoking.

Ms Strickland has struggled with cigarette addiction in the past saying "It's the last thing you think about before you go to sleep and it's the first thing you think about before you get up,". It is only with the help of her vaporiser that she has been able to stop smoking.

She's in the camp that backs public health experts who wish to fully legalise e-cigarettes - like Massey University's Dr Marewa Glover.

"If we can get people switching to vaping we can start saving Maori lives and reduce disease among Maori," Dr Glover said.

In New Zealand, more than 40% of Maori women still smoke even after years of quit smoking campaigns and increased taxes.

More information on this story can be found from ONE news here.