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Tips On Making the switch to a vape.

The decision to quit smoking is not a difficult decision to make, everyone wants to quit, as we all know that cigarettes are linked to all kinds of different health problems. The difficulty of quitting is in the process. Most people who smoke would have tried to quit cigarettes and failed on multiple occasions and each time have reverted back to cigarettes only after a few days.

Historically for people that want to give up the analogues it has been quite a difficult process as the only options available were different types of nicotine patches, gums or quit smoking documentation/books etc. these quit smoking aids didn't give you the same draw, feel and taste as a cigarette and for the most part, were difficult to use, some quit smoking tools even required a visit to the doctor to get access to them.

Luckily we now have more and more options available to us to help us with our quit smoking journey. One method that has proven safe, effective and long lasting is e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes or vaping is not a new concept, it has been around for a few years now and the quit smoking tech behind it is only getting better! At VAPO we are passionate about getting people off cigarettes and transitioning them to a product that is 95% less harmful. Read more below to find out tips on making the switch to a vape!


The best e-cigarette as a quit smoking aid

 When you transition from cigarettes to vaping it is important to choose a vape starter kit that has a similar feel and draw like a cigarette. Our VAPO Haiz kit or VAPO Alpha kit fulfils this need and are our most popular kits to use when quitting smoking. Read more about our Alpha vape pen here!

At VAPO we understand that switching to a vape can seem like an arduous task that requires research, and knowledge of terminology to understand. We have broken down that barrier by providing our customers with easy access information on all the different types of vape. We have written another blog to give people an overview of the different types of vape kits, and what they are used for including the different nicotine strength options. You can read more about the different kit types here.


Why vaping works

The feeling of vaping is similar to that of a cigarette, you inhale the vapour into your mouth, then into your lungs (MTL), the whole vaping process has been designed to act as a cigarette replacement even down to finer details like the shape and device discreetness. E-cigarettes are generally sold with a variance of nicotine strengths and flavours, this allows the user to customise their experience and over time reduce their nicotine intake.

To find out how much nicotine you need it is best to choose a high level initially and then slowly work down towards a lower nicotine strength. This gives you the ultimate control on how you use your device and where you use your device. Vaping allows you to still join in on social smoking conversations without the need to smoke a cigarette.


Talk to an expert

At VAPO we have a team of experts available to chat about your needs. If you are still not sure about how to successfully make the switch to vaping then contact our team today!


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