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VAPO Alpha Starter Pack

Make the switch in 2020 with the VAPO Alpha Starter Vape Pen Kit! This is the first of our recommended kits for switching from smoking to achieve your New Year Resolution!

The Switch Kit 1 comes with our very own VAPO Alpha Vape Pen. The VAPO Alpha Vape Pen is one of the best designed vape pens on the market. The tight draw ensures that your vape simulates the feeling of dragging on a cigarette.

The VAPO Alpha Vape Pen is an open system meaning you fill the e-liquid from the top of the vape pen. We recommend ALPHA E-Liquid with the VAPO Alpha pen due to its higher PG content. The higher PG content makes the ALPHA e-liquid thinner making it work well with smaller pen style kits like the VAPO Alpha.

The Switch Kit 1 also includes your choice of two different e-liquids from ALPHA range - specifically formulated for the VAPO Alpha!

Package Includes:

- 1x Alpha Battery
- 1x Alpha Tank
- 1x VAPO USB Charger
- 1x Spare O-Ring Pack
- 1x Pre-Installed Coil
- 1x Spare Mouthpiece
- 2x 10ml Alpha E-Liquid

Product availability in store

Online: 5+

VAPO Christchurch: 5+

VAPO Onehunga: 5+

VAPO Takapuna: 5

VAPO Dominion: 5+

VAPO K Road: 5+

VAPO New Lynn: 5

VAPO Manukau: 5+

VAPO Wellington: 0

VAPO Sylvia Park: 5+

VAPO NorthWest: 4

VAPO Nelson: 5+

Product availability in store

Online: 5+

VAPO Christchurch: 0

VAPO Onehunga: 0

VAPO Takapuna: 0

VAPO Dominion: 0

VAPO K Road: 0

VAPO New Lynn: 0

VAPO Manukau: 0

VAPO Wellington: 0

VAPO Sylvia Park: 0

VAPO NorthWest: 0

VAPO Nelson: 0

Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
Great starter pack

Great starter pack for anyone trying to quit smoking

Great Vape, great flavour.

I was feeling the urge to start smoking again so I thought I'd give this ago after hearing good things about Vapo NZ. The premium tobacco is great. All the flavour and nicotine hit without the cost or the lingering stench of cigarettes, what more could you ask for!


VAPO Alpha Starter Vape Pack


Great buy bought it to quit smoking havent had a smoke for almost two week have also bought another vape

Great Starter Kit

Excellent wee kit to get started vaping, comes with great flavors, and is easy to use/ not as confusing as other available rigs.

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