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The VAPO HAIZ pod kit is our newest kit and combines the latest and greatest in pod vaping technology. We have developed a unique coil design that allows the HAIZ to have great airflow, flavour and vapour production while still keeping the unit a classic mouth-to-lung draw favoured by those new to vaping but also making it a perfect stealth vape for even the most seasoned vapers. The VAPO HAIZ is a truly unique design with a wider yet streamline body allowing for a massive capacity 500mah battery (much larger capacity than the JUUL) - chargeable by micro-USB. The pod itself connects to the battery magnetically for a perfect fit every time and contains 2ml of pre-filled VAPO e-liquid.

Check out the VAPO Haiz Silicone Case/Lanyard to style up your Haiz! 

You can get your replacement 2-pack of pods here.

The HAIZ Vaping Pod Kit comes in four delicious VAPO flavours:

Lemon and Lime


Gold Tobacco

Menthol Ice

HAIZ pods are available in 3% strength salt nicotine. We use high mg salt nicotine to allow for a satisfying vape through the small style of a pod system. This strength has a similar throat hit to standard 12mg e-liquid through a mouth-to-lung device but is much more satisfying.

Spelling variation: Haze, haize

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Amazin little thing

Still trying to jump full time, but its the closesest i got to a real cig yet......I'm going to keep at it but i keep puffing on it maybe a new addiction.

Great little vape

Used to use big batteries with refillable tanks that would leak. This is so much more portable and sleek. Battery life is also very good. Wish there was more flavours though.



Works wonderfully!

I have been using the Vapo Haiz kit and pods for a few weeks now and it's dramatically improved my cigarette smoking, haven't had one in a few days now, the Haiz is easy to you, tastes good, and I haven't had any problems other that a slight bit of leaking, and I have occasionally run into some issues where the vape juice spits into my mouth. Other than that, it's Beena pleasure to use! Great job to the Vapo team!

Absolutely love it!

I was not too sure about vaping for me because of the coils and liquid and the filling up and replacing of parts required. I was so happy to find HAIZ didn’t need all that! One week on and I prefer it over smoking! The flavors are pleasant and I’ve just placed an order for a range of the new flavors available. I got my partner onto it too and he just received his HAIZ in the mail today. Very happy customer here! Specially when looking at the cost difference! A pack of 30’s is upward of $35 now here in AUS and to know that I have a month supply of pods coming for aroubd $50 for both of us it’s astounding! So keep doing what you are doing guys! Fantastic job!

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