DIY E-Liquid New Zealand

Looking for DIY supplies? You will find them here. Scroll down for info on mixing your own e-liquid! Please allow a 48 hour lead time for dispatch on all DIY orders.

It's actually pretty easy!

Welcome to VAPO's DIY e-liquid page. Ever thought about making e-liquid yourself? The information and products provided on this page will allow any New Zealander to develop and fine tune their very own electronic cigarette/vaping e-liquid. What's more, you can legally make your own nicotine e-liquid by importing the nicotine from our recommended sources so you can vape legally here in New Zealand.

The first DIY ingredients you need to be aware if you are making e liquid yourself are (primarily) Vegetable Glycerine (VG) but also Propylene Glycol (PG). These form the base of your DIY e liquid/e juice so they are essential to a quality vaping experience! You can order organic VG from us here and PG from us here.

Let's discuss these two ingredients a little first:

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin is an organic compound that is made directly from plant oils. The vegetable glycerin that we use here at VAPO is certified organic and is made sustainably from coconuts - not palm oil! The food industry commonly uses this product as an edible sweetener and it is also used to retain moisture in baking. The cosmetics industry is another big consumer of Vegetable Glycerin as these moisture retaining properties work wonders for your skin as well!

Vegetable Glycerine is quite a thick substance (especially compared to PG) and does not carry flavour as effectively as PG. High VG juices tend to be smoother than high PG juices and as long as you boost the flavour you won't notice much difference in your DIY juice/eliquid. We use very high VG in our e-liquid range as most vapers prefer the smooth nature of a high VG blend and also the thick clouds produced!!

Propylene Glycol

PG is an odourless and colourless liquid which is quite runny compared to the thick nature of VG. It is widely used in cosmetics and food. It has been used in consumable products for over 50 years!

PG is a very different ingredient to Ethylene Glycol which is toxic and used as automobile antifreeze! There has been confusion around PG as some have confused these two chemicals when in fact Propylene Glycol has not been shown to be harmful.

The use of PG is in DIY e-juice is often as a flavour carrier but also to thin the liquid out so that smaller devices (such as the VAPO Mist) can still absorb the liquid through the smaller wicking holes in the atomiser. As our New Zealand made e-juice is primarily designed for larger devices we use very little PG.


The next important ingredient in your DIY e-liquid is flavouring! This is very important for perfecting your personalised vape.


Flavouring generally comes in a PG base. This is because propylene glycol acts as a great carrier for flavour and is very soluble - meaning it will mix easily into your e-liquid. Our flavouring (which you can buy here) is primarily PG based. We think it is important to use flavour that has been prepared in sanitary conditions. All our flavour is produced in laboratory in line with New Zealand food safety standards! We recommend that any flavouring you use should be produced in line with these safety standards - if you're not sure if the flavour you are buying or have bought is in line with these standards just ask us and we can do our best to find out!


Finally there is that little ingredient for those vapers with a bit of a sweet tooth!


This is an optional addition to your diy e-liquid and you may find you don't need it or you may think it takes your e-liquid to another level! Our sweetener, which you can order here, is a sucralose sweetener.

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener commonly used in many foods and beverages.

Nicotine Liquid

You may want to add nicotine to your juice. If this is the case we can recommend Nude Nicotine. They supply high quality nicotine at a great price. In New Zealand it is legal to import nicotine for personal use. We recommend 100mg per ml nicotine juice. Be aware that this is highly toxic in its concentrated form - in fact, just 5ml is a lethal dose if ingested so KEEP THIS OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS! The reason we recommend this high percentage nicotine liquid is because it is easy to mix in to your juice for the desired nicotine level and because you don't have to use it much it doesn't dilute your flavour much.



The next step is putting all these ingredients together. Your DIY e-liquid is your own vaping creation so we will not provide any hard and fast rules. How you mix your vape juice is completely up to you. Although we might think we have the best vape juice in New Zealand you might make a juice that trumps it - taste is completely subjective and therefore there is no right way to mix e-juice.

As a guide we will provide approximate mixing levels for a 10ml quantity, the example we will use is 10ml Apple at 3mg nicotine:

1ml VAPO Apple flavour concentrate

1ml VAPO Propylene Glycol

7.7ml VAPO Vegetable Glycerine

0.3ml 100mg/ml Nicotine Liquid

Note this is just a guide and is by no means the perfect measurements for you! We recommend playing around with quantities to see what works and what doesn't work for you. And remember - if it all becomes too much effort just grab some juice where someone else has done all the hard work like our VAPO juice!!