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How do I get the device to work?

Our batteries have a 5 click lock. If your battery isn't working, clicking the button 5 times consecutively is likely to solve the issue.


How long does shipping take?

Shipping takes a maximum of 3 working days. This is subject to the occasional delay from New Zealand Post. Products are usually sent within 24 hours of placing an order.

Note that you can add overnight courier to your order in the Express Shipping tab.


How do I use these products?

All products come with a quick-start guide explaining everything you need to know.

Each unit comes with all you need to get started. Essential the device is made up of a battery and a vaporising unit. The vaporising unit is filled with nicotine and the battery powers the vaporising unit that turns the liquid in to vapour.

A charger for the battery is included with every individual unit.


How long does a bottle of liquid last?

One bottle provides approximately as many puffs as 8 packets of cigarettes.


Are these products electronic cigarettes?

VAPO does not sell electronic cigarettes. Our products are inhalers and are designed to vaporise a liquid containing nicotine allowing it to enter the mouth where it is absorbed.

We select and design our inhalers specifically not to imitate cigarettes. You will not find cheap, white and yellow replica cigarettes on our products page.


Will using these inhalers help me quit smoking?

Nicotine inhalers have been shown to help people quit smoking (

We are not marketing our products as devices that help people quit smoking. This is because there is not enough scientific evidence available to conclusively make this statement. Although there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that vaporised nicotine can aid in helping a user quit smoking.

Our products are sold to be used in place of cigarettes - as an alternative to smoking. They are most effective when used as a complete replacement to cigarettes as opposed to being used in conjunction with cigarettes.

The nicotine they contain eases the craving for a cigarette without having to inhale the smoke produced by igniting paper and plant matter to receive a nicotine hit.


Are inhalers healthier than cigarettes?

Our products do not contain tar or carbon monoxide that is in cigarette smoke.

The United States Government's chief tobacco regulator has determined that vaporised nicotine is almost certainly healthier than cigarettes.

It is hard to imagine any product could exceed the number (70+) of carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarette smoke.


Can I use these products inside?

These products are new to our country and by practicing simple social etiquette we can help to ensure access is not inhibited by strict regulation.

We recommend you only use our products in designated smoking areas. At this stage, New Zealand law is silent on using inhalation devices in bars but drawing attention to the device in this manner can cause confusion from staff and patrons, leading to a negative perception of our products.

If you do wish to use our products inside please do so in a subtle manner.

Our devices do not have the same pungent odour that is the signature sign of a smoking cigarette as there is no combustion of plant matter.


Can non-smokers use this product?

Do not use our products if you are a non-smoker - nicotine is addictive.

Our products are sold to provide the user with an alternative to smoking cigarettes, not as a novelty product for people who have never tried smoking. Our inhalers ease the cravings of smoking without the user having to smoke a cigarette to receive their nicotine fix.

The most effective way to not smoke is to never start.