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How Electronic Cigarettes Work And FAQ


How Electronic Cigarettes Work

Operating Your Device

Replacing the Atomiser

How Our Products Compare to Other Retailers

Shipping Information

Nicotine E-Liquid

Other Questions

Choosing the right vape





Electronic cigarettes are usually made up of four main parts:


Drip Tip - the mouthpiece
Tank - where the e-liquid (nicotine or non-nicotine) is stored
Atomiser - this is the engine room of the e-cigarette as it makes the vapour
Battery - the power supply that is required to engage the atomiser






When the button on the battery is pressed, the coils within the atomiser heat up.

The user draws in breath through the Drip Tip at the same time the button is being pressed.

The coils heat up the e-liquid from the tank that is soaked into the atomiser turning the liquid into a vapour. This vapour is the "smoke" that is inhaled and then exhaled by the user.












The first step is to fill the tank with e-liquid. To do this, unscrew the Tank Base from the Tank (make sure the Atomiser is screwed tightly into the Tank Base). Never activate the device with no liquid in the tank or you will need to purchase a new Atomiser coil!

Grab your e-liquid and fill the Tank up down the side of the Tank - not the centre pipe. Fill the tank up till the liquid is just below the level of the centre pipe. Don't get any liquid down the pipe. If you do - don't worry - just blow it out into a paper towel to clear the pipe.


Once the tank has been filled to just below the level of the pipe your tank is full and you can twist the Tank Base back on.

Now let the liquid soak into the Atomiser by sitting the tank, with the Tank Base down, for 10 - 20 minutes.

After this time you can twist the tank onto the Battery that came with your starter pack.


Now you are ready to use the device.

Press the button on the Battery 5 times to turn the battery on. Press the button and drag in through the Drip Tip slightly slower than you would a normal cigarette. If you are using nicotine based liquid you will find that holding the "smoke" in your mouth will allow greater uptake than just quickly breathing it out.

Then you just breath the vapour out and enjoy.

When the Battery runs flat simply screw it into the USB charger provided and plug it in till the charger turns blue (approximately 30 minutes - DO NOT CHARGE OVERNIGHT). DO NOT USE A PHONE CHARGER!!

The atomiser in your e-cigarette will last between 2 weeks to a month. You may even get more use than that out of it. If the taste quality drops or you get a burnt/metallic taste it's time to replace your atomiser (coils) and you can find one to suit your model here.


Any further questions just flick us an email at




The atomiser in your electronic cigarette should be changed at least every two weeks to ensure optimum performance.

This particular example shows the VAPO Mist but is applicable to many different types of electronic cigarettes with changeable atomisers. 

1. Twist the Tank Base (textured stainless steal part) from the Tank.

 2. Twist the Atomiser from the Tank Base.

3. Discard the old Atomiser and replace it with a new Atomiser. Then reassemble the parts.




The first of our comparisons is the VAPO Mist up against other popular starter kits in the market.

Check out the VAPO Mist vs other models by clicking here.



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What is the legal status of e-liquid containing nicotine?

It is not legal to sell nicotine e-liquid in New Zealand as nicotine is considered a controlled medicine. However, it is legal for New Zealand residents to import nicotine e-liquid for use in an e-cigarette for their own personal use.

This means that we cannot sell you nicotine e-liquid but we can connect you with LIQUA who can ship it directly to you from their overseas factory. When you make a purchase of the LIQUA nicotine liquids on our site you are purchasing liquid directly from this overseas supplier! We have made it that easy.

You can check out some 10ml non-nicotine LIQUA products here to make sure you order the flavours you love.

What makes LIQUA e-liquid so good?

LIQUA e-liquid is a very clean and well balanced juice. It is manufactured under the strictest production standards in accordance with stringent rules and regulations.

The liquid is not too viscous and not too thin - it puts little stress on your e-cigarette to ensure longevity of the product.

Any further questions just flick us an email at




My e-cigarette isn't working?

Just press the button 5 times to turn it on! If you are still having problems email us.


Why has my e-cigarette started tasting burnt/metallic?

If your e-cigarette is tasting burnt or metallic then it's time to change the atomiser! Find an atomiser that suits your model here. If you can't find your model or you aren't sure exactly what you need just ask us.


How long does a bottle of liquid last?

A 10ml bottle lasts the same amount of puffs as at least 1 packet of cigarettes.


Why don't you sell electronic cigarettes that look like real cigarettes?

The concept behind VAPO is to distinguish our users from cigarette smokers. VAPO is about vaping, not smoking. It is an alternative to smoking.


Will using these inhalers help me quit smoking?

Nicotine inhalers have been shown to help people quit smoking.

We are not marketing our products as devices that help people quit smoking. This is because there is not enough scientific evidence available to conclusively make this statement. Although there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that vaporised nicotine can aid in helping a user quit smoking.

Our products are sold to be used in place of cigarettes - as an alternative to smoking. They are most effective when used as a complete replacement to cigarettes as opposed to being used in conjunction with cigarettes.

The nicotine they contain eases the craving for a cigarette without having to inhale the smoke produced by igniting paper and plant matter to receive a nicotine hit.


Are inhalers healthier than cigarettes?

Our products do not contain the levels of tar or carbon monoxide that is in cigarette smoke.

The United States Government's chief tobacco regulator has determined that vaporised nicotine is almost certainly healthier than cigarettes.

It is hard to imagine any product could exceed the number (70+) of carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarette smoke.


Can non-smokers use this product?

Do not use our products if you are a non-smoker - nicotine is addictive.

Our products are sold to provide the user with an alternative to smoking cigarettes, not as a novelty product for people who have never tried smoking. Our inhalers ease the cravings of smoking without the user having to smoke a cigarette to receive their nicotine fix.

The most effective way to not smoke is to never start.


Any further questions just flick us an email at


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