Nicotine E-Liquid Information

What is the legal status of e-liquid containing nicotine?

It is not legal to sell nicotine e-liquid in New Zealand as nicotine is considered a controlled medicine. However, it is legal for New Zealand residents to import nicotine e-liquid for use in an e-cigarette for their own personal use.

This means that we cannot sell you nicotine e-liquid but we can connect you with LIQUA who can ship it directly to you from their overseas factory. When you make a purchase of the LIQUA nicotine liquids on our site you are purchasing liquid directly from this overseas supplier! We have made it that easy.

You can check out some 10ml non-nicotine LIQUA products here to make sure you order the flavours you love.

What makes LIQUA e-liquid so good?

LIQUA e-liquid is a very clean and well balanced juice. It is manufactured under the strictest production standards in accordance with stringent rules and regulations.

The liquid is not too viscous and not too thin - it puts little stress on your e-cigarette to ensure longevity of the product.