Vaping Lingo - what do all these new words mean?

Vaping can seem like a whole new language when you first begin to explore it but it is all really quite simple once you know the basic terminology! We have compiled New Zealand's most extensive list of common vaping words and their definitions. If you've got any other words you would like to add to the vaping glossary, please let us know!

E-Liquid - e-liquid or e-juice as it is sometimes called in NZ is the liquid that is used inside vaping devices that gets atomised (turned into vapour). You can check out our range of NZ made e-liquid right here.

Tank - the tank is used as a reservoir that hold the e-liquid, feeding it slowly into the coil.

Coil - the coil is where the vaping happens! This is located within the tank and is generally made up of a coil of wire (hence the name) and some form of wick that pulls the liquid toward the coil of wire. The most common form of wick used is cotton but there are also ceramic wicked coils available like in the Vaporesso Target Pro Kit.

Mods - vaping mods are the powerhouse of your vape. The mod is the battery component of your vaping device that provides the power that vapes the e-liquid. The power from the mod is put through the coil which heats it and turns the liquid into vapour. There are two styles of mods, regulated mods and mechanical mods.

Regulated mods - regulated mods, as the name suggests, allow the user to regulate how much power is being delivered to the coil. The power is usually regulated using watts but newer versions can also regulate the temperature of the coil. Regulated mods are very safe mods as they have a lot of integrated safety features. Check out our selection of regulated mods here.