VAPO Mist vs CE4 E-Cig Review


Choosing an electronic cigarette is a difficult and confusing decision to make but it is important to get it right. There are a lot of replicas, low quality and frankly quite dodgy electronic cigarette models on the market. If you pick up a lower end product it can not only be dangerous but can also taint your whole opinion on electronic cigarettes.

We have had countless customers who could never see themselves using electronic cigarettes as a substitute to classic cigarettes after their bad experience with other models on the market. The key is to do your research - a good product will give you the best opportunity to swap smoking by successfully making the switch to electronic cigarettes.

We have put together this guide to show you the differences between our product the VAPO Mist, available exclusively from VAPO, and many other products on the market.

Because VAPO is the exclusive retailer of the VAPO Mist you know you're getting the same quality product every time you purchase from us.

A very popular atomiser used in products sold by others is the CE4 or CE5 atomiser. You will see this atomiser, or a similar atomiser being used in the majority (if not all) of our competitors low-end starter kits.

The CE4 model atomiser, or CE5 model atomiser (which can differ from the CE4 by offering replaceable coils) is one of the most widely used atomisers in the electronic cigarette industry. These atomisers are made and replicated in factories throughout China.

The VAPO Mist atomiser is made in one factory by one company so we can ensure the highest quality of every VAPO Mist unit.

If you are confused as to any of the terminology used in the following discussion, check out our beginners guide on electronic cigarettes.


The VAPO Mist (featured on the left in the picture at the top of the page) is a top and bottom stainless steel design. The tank is made from strong polycarbonate to handle even the sweetest juices.

The CE4 (on the right) is a largely plastic build with a plastic drip tip.

You can feel the quality in design from the weight of the VAPO Mist. The machining on the surface not only gives great aesthetics, it also provides grip for unscrewing the top or bottom of the atomiser.

The stainless steel drip tip won't snap off like the CE4 atomisers were prone to. It's also removable so you can attach your own custom drip tip.



As you can see above, the CE4 atomiser has a long wick that draws liquid into the coils where the liquid is "atomised". Because of the placement of the coils at the top of the tank the coils may not always be wet - a dry coil will result in a burnt atomiser that needs to be replaced.

The VAPO Mist features a bottom coil design which bathes the coils in liquid when the atomiser is resting in its upright position.


The CE4 allows filling through the top of the atomiser. An advantage of this is that it is usually cleaner and easier to top up from the top than unscrewing the entire atomiser to fill the tank from the bottom.

An inherent problem with this was that e-liquid could leak through the thread and out the top of the battery. Another problem that can occur is that when you screw the top back on it can create pressure that forces e-liquid out the bottom of atomiser.

Some manufacturers have solved this problem by creating bottom fill only atomisers.

The VAPO Mist solved this problem to allow both reliable top and bottom filling. When you unscrew the top of the VAPO Mist you will find a hole above the centre pipe that you can use to fill the atomiser with a syringe style e-liquid bottle or a needle nose dripper. We have these available for purchase.

The top of the mist has a rubber seal that seals this hole ensuring no liquid leaks from it and still allowing the convenience of a top-filling atomiser.



The VAPO Mist features dual coils which means twice the vapour production of single coiled atomisers. Strong vapour production gives better flavour and a more realistic feeling of a classic cigarette.

As seen in the picture above, the 1.8ohm atomiser is easy to unscrew and replace.

If you are looking for a reliable and quality product to help you swap smoking for vaping then the VAPO Mist is a great place to start.

So that's just our little summary of what makes the VAPO Mist the perfect starting electronic cigarette or the ideal upgrade to your existing electronic cigarette.

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