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GeekVape Tab Pro

The GeekVape Tab Pro is a revolutionary ohm meter to NZ! Featuring groundbreaking build quality, accuracy level as well as giving you the ability to test and fire!

Introducing a 510 connection that is able to be turned 90 so that you can swivel your atomiser and take a hit off it! This saves you time switching between devices.

Precision ratings are high, offering readings from 0.05 ohmsto 3.0 ohms, offering a level of feedback and accuracy that places the Geek Vape Tab Pro among one of the highest level in readouts. Powered by a single high-amperage 18650 battery(sold seperately) that is capable of being charged directly through USB! 


Product Features:

  • High Grade Gold Plated 510
    • Brass Spring Loaded 510
  • 50W Maximum Wattage Output
  • Phenomenal Precision
    • Resistance Measuring Range: 0.05 to 3.0 ohms
  • Utilizes Single High Amperage 18650 Battery (sold separately)
    • Micro USB Charging
    • Reverse Polarity Protection
    • Ensure Adequately Charged Battery for Accuracy
  • 90 Rotatable Connector
    • Temporarily make it a mod
  • Can Fire Resistances Down To 0.2 ohms
    • Easy to Access Firing Button
    • DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, fire an atomizer with a short or inset 510 connection, shorted systems, or utilizing a 18650 that is less than 20A of output. Doing so may cause physical damage and harm. If unsure whether this applies, do not assemble and fire.
  • ABS , Polycarbonate (PC), and Zinc Alloy Housing Material


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