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Samsung 30T 21700 Battery

The Samsung 30T 21700 Battery is one of the best performing batteries for the higher power mods and unregulated/mech mod users! 


  • Always store batteries in a battery case
  • Never expose batteries to heat
  • Do not use if plastic wrap has any signs of damage
  • We recommend always using an external charger.
  • Only ever use in conjunction with identical, similarly aged, 30T Batteries

Grab a case for your batteries here.


Battery safety is important. For more information, please read up on our battery safety guide here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great hard hitting batteries

I've got three of these cells for use in my Pulse BF mech. The mod required a few minor modifications to get the bigger 21700 size to fit as it is only supposed to be compatible with 20700, but it worked out well in the end. The cells themselves have a great capacity and hit hard right down to around 3.5 volts. I would definitely recommend these to any mech mod users.

Samsung 30t

Ideal batteries for my mech tube, high true amp rating for that extra peace of mind. 3000mah just makes this an all round great product. Definitely happy with my purchase.

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