VAPO Clarity™ 2 Starter Kit

The most popular product in the VAPO range just got better. 

Twice the capacity, twice the coils means twice the vapour. What else could we call it? The brand new Clarity 2.

What's better? It's not twice the price, it's at the same price we introduced the original Clarity - our most popular vaporiser to date.

We are offering this product with a free bottle of nicotine liquid in your choice of flavour. Each package has everything you need to get started, it contains a VAPO Clarity™ 2  unit, one charger and one free bottle of nicotine fluid. All nicotine is medium level unless otherwise specified.


One bottle provides approximately as many puffs as 6 packets of cigarettes. 


Package includes everything you need to start:

1x VAPO Clarity 2 (650mah)

1x charger

1x 10ml liquid


smoke without fire®


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