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Do You Inhale Vape? How to Vape

A question people often ask, especially those new to vaping, is do you inhale vape, or more specifically, do you inhale vape into your lungs. 

While inhaling is familiar to most cigarette smokers, not all smokers will be used to inhaling, depending on the type of smoker you are. Knowing how to inhale correctly is essential for a pleasant vaping experience.

An 'e-cigarette' or 'vape' is a battery-powered device, typically a vape pen or mod, that provides power to the heating element, often referred to as a coil. The coil vapourises e-liquid, or e-juice, and produces vapour that the user inhales. In contrast, traditional cigarettes involve inhaling smoke from burning tobacco.

First and foremost, vaping is a smoking cessation tool, which can replicate the sensation of cigarette smoking, but in a less harmful manner and decrease nicotine intake over time. Vaping is not smoking, but the similar hand-to-mouth action enables a seamless transition for cigarette smokers. To get the best experience, you should mimic how you traditionally smoke a cigarette. 

There are two inhalation techniques: Mouth-to-lung (MTL) and Direct-to-lung (DTL). 


  1. Slowly draw vapour into your mouth, as much as you require
  2. Hold in your mouth until you’re ready to inhale 
  3. Open your mouth and breathe in the vapour
  4. Exhale right after vapour enters the lungs 

Generally speaking, ex-smokers are more likely to use the Mouth-To-Lung technique as it simulates a cigarette type draw.


  1. Quickly draw vapour directly into the lungs (unlike Mouth-to-Lung)
  2. Exhale the vapour immediately after it enters the lungs

The direct lung technique will be ideal for larger vape devices with low resistance coils and low amounts of nicotine, such as 3mg and 6mg. 

You never want the device firing while not inhaling, as this will cause the coil to burn out prematurely.

Some vaping devices give you the option of adjusting the Airflow Control (AFC) to find your sweet spot. Some may like a restricted direct lung hit to close their airflow on their Direct Lung device slightly, while others may want a Mouth-To-Lung hit with a little more air, simply open the Airflow Control wider. 

While there are a couple of different vaping inhalation techniques, you do not have to inhale vape at all if you choose not to. Vaping is versatile, meaning you have the power to decide how you vape. Regardless of whether you inhale, you’ll experience a flavour hit each time and a sensation similar to smoking but much less harmful. 

For more information, check out our Vaping FAQs here.


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