Choose Your Electronic Cigarette

Make the Right Choice


Choosing a product that suits you is an important first step when trying electronic cigarettes.

Not all electronic cigarettes are made equally. Despite aesthetic similarities, electronic cigarette models come from a variety of different manufacturers all over the world.

Our products have been selected after repeated sampling and testing from hundreds of different manufacturers to ensure we have a safe product of considerably high build quality.

We are so sure of the high standard of our products each one is backed by our replacement guarantee. Meaning we will repair, replace or refund the unit if you any problems.

The key aspects to keep in mind are price, power, portability and functionality.



Dual coils now come standard. 

For those new to electronic cigarettes you may want to spend as little as possible just to try it out or you may want to upgrade from a lower-end starter model.

In this case we recommend our very own MIST. This model is small enough to fit in your pocket but still powerful and produces impressive amounts of vapour. The stainless steel top to bottom design on the VAPO Mist head guarantees this product's durability and gives it the high quality look and feel that makes this product a high-end starter choice.

The MIST boasts a dual coil atomiser that produces thick vapour to ensure a realistic feel and look that complements the taste of your favourite e-liquid.

If you want to upgrade from a sub-par starter kit or if you want to start in the right place with a quality product that won't break the bank, the MIST is right for you. We guarantee you won't be disappointed. 

The battery on these can last anywhere from 6 hours to three days depending on how often you use the device.


The Aerox Mini is the portable version of the AEROX MAX. This unit has all the functionality of the MAX but it's size is closer to that of the VAPO Mist.

The battery is 650mah which will last you at least half a day to three days depending on use - the great feature of this unit is the side charging port so you can still use the device when it is charging.

The Aerox Mini allows for variations of airflow. This lets the user imitate the drag of a real cigarette or open it up to allow for maximum vapour production!

This unit also allows you do adjust the voltage level so you can increase the vapour and perfect the taste of the eliquid of your choice! A perfect beginner vaporiser for those who want a step up from the basics.


A Super-Charged Starter/Intermediate Kit

The AEROX kit packs a punch. If you love big vapour this is the product for you.

This unit incorporates our brand new high air-flow atomiser that ensures the biggest vapour production from any kit you will find in this price bracket.

The battery is a huge 1300mah meaning it will last a very long time.

It has a spinning dial on the bottom that allows you to customise the voltage going through to the atomiser allowing for the perfect vape according to your personal preference.

If you're unsatisfied with the performance of your current electronic cigarette or if you are looking to start with a more serious product, this is the vape for you. The VAPO AEROX.


Ultra Portable


For prospective vapers who are after a device that is more aesthetically pleasing and practically sized and don’t mind spending a little more money we recommend the SMISS EMILI.

This product is sexy and sleek. Each pack contains two units that are the size of traditional cigarettes. This is really appreciated by those who still want to “feel” like they are dragging on a traditional cigarette.

The power of these is similar to the Clarity, despite the size. The battery pack that doubles as a carry case is a whopping 1200mah meaning will last longer than the Clarity model.

We often find that people want something portable as well as something larger. This means they can use their larger device around the house and grab their portable option if they are heading for the night. 


Slim and Stylish


This SMOK E-Slim is a very popular model. This product includes both a small battery for portability and a larger battery for using at home. The tank is made out of Pyrex glass which ensures the purest taste, especially when changing flavours.

Not only is this model practical, it is also stylish; the high quality dual coil core and ultra-slim battery combine for an elegant design without sacrificing functionality.

This product is the perfect mix of power, elegance and practicality.


Intelligent Design


Our IVOD is for the user who loves control. This product syncs with an app on your Android OS or iPhone via Bluetooth.

This app allows the user to check their battery level, change how much vapour is being produced and check out more detailed voltage/resistance information being transmitted by their device.

The app also has an integrated tracker that records every drag you take. This information can then be converted into the equivalent cigarettes smoked, money saved and frequency the device is used over days, weeks and months.

Programs can be set up so you can set goals to slowly taper off the amount you use your device. For example, you can limit yourself to 400 puffs a day with this limit decreasing by 10 puffs every day after that.


If you have any questions just email us