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New Zealand Vaping Laws

New Zealand has finally, officially, legalised vaping! We have been pushing for a regulated industry for the last 5 years we have been in operation. It's amazing to finally have this legislation through parliament!

These laws will come into effect on 11 November 2020.

What do the new laws include and how will these effect your vaping experience?

Specialist Vape Store Classification

Vaping retailers now must meet  the 70% sales threshold of vaping products to be considered a "Specialist Vape Store". Achieving this status means a store can continue selling all flavours and products. VAPO has always sold 100% vaping products so there will be no changes for VAPO under these new laws - everything will still be readily available! This will affect some retailers that primarily sell other products, such as drug paraphernalia, by limiting their e-liquid sales to tobacco, menthol and mint flavours only.

Online-Only Stores are not Specialist Vape Stores

The new laws state that an online store must have a physical brick and mortar store to be considered a specialist vape store. VAPO operates 13 physical brick and mortar stores so our online store is considered a specialist vape store and we will not be affected.

Product Safety Standards

Finally, product safety standards will be introduced. VAPO products are strictly manufactured in accordance with international regulations. We are relieved that the entire industry must now adhere to these safety guidelines. As VAPO already manufactures our products to the highest standards this will result in no changes to the availability of our products online and in-store.

Age Restriction

The Government has made it illegal to sell to customers under the age of 18 years. The industry has been self-regulating to ensure under 18 consumers cannot access vaping products so this will result in no material change to the industry.

Nicotine Pouches are Banned

Products such as White Fox (a tobacco-free snus-style product) have now, unfortunately, been banned. Although VAPO has never sold these products we do believe they are a fantastic harm-reduced alternative to smoking.

General Stores flavour restrictions

General stores that do not meet the specialist vape retailer threshold will only be able to sell flavours in the following classes: tobacco, menthol and mint. We are awaiting regulation from the Ministry of Health as to the how this will affect general store availability of alt. and HAIZ pods and will update you on this as we receive more information. The full flavour ranges of alt. and HAIZ pods will always be available from VAPO online and in-store as we are a specialist vaping retailer.

Advertising is Banned

There will be a full ban on advertising when the bill comes into force (6 November). Display in store is still allowed but all TV, radio, online and sponsorship advertising will now be banned.

There are still a lot of regulations to come that will help shape this law. We will continue to update you of any material impact this may have as we hear more from the Ministry of Health but everything looks like it will be business as usual for VAPO!

We are very proud to finally be operating in a regulated industry and it is down to the success of all New Zealand vapers that has made this possible!