As a juice-delivery system, a vape tank is an essential component that greatly affects your vaping experience. The good news is that VAPO NZ has an excellent selection of vape tanks to meet different vaping preferences.

Seek a vape tank with a patented airflow control valve that allows you to accurately adjust the amount of air you draw into the tank? Want a super affordable vape tank that assures generous vapours? Planning to gift the latest design in mouth-to-lung tank to your partner or friend? We have something for everyone.

Beginner vaper? Decide between a mouth-to-lung and a direct-to-lung tank

In a mouth-to-lung design, you inhale the vapour into your mouth, and after collecting it there, breathe the vapour into your lungs. As this is similar to smoking a cigarette, beginner vapers will be able to get into the flow easily. An e-juice with a high PG level is preferred for mouth-to-lung vaping as it delivers big flavours. If you’re trying to quit smoking, you can always choose an e-liquid at a nicotine level of your preference.

In direct-to-lung vaping, you take in the vapour directly into your lungs, which makes for a more satisfying experience than mouth-to-lung. Though this method can be a bit intimidating for beginner vapers, they settle into it over time. Direct-to-lung is popular among cloud chasers.

Keep in mind that when you suck in vapour straight into your lungs, the nicotine hit will be intense. A high PG or nicotine level can feel a bit too strong and make you cough. If possible, consider trying this method with a non-nicotine or low nicotine e-liquid. For big clouds, opt for an e-liquid with a high VG level and/or a kit with airflow control that gives you the flexibility to adjust to your requirements.

Disposable coil versus rebuildable vape tanks

Each type has its own pros and cons, and what works for others may not work for you. With this in mind, decide if you want an inexpensive disposable coil tank that delivers good performance but the coil needs to be replaced when the atomiser or wicks can no longer be used OR a rebuildable tank that you can reuse many times over by replacing the wire and cotton.

Other considerations

Material: Plastic vape tanks are affordable and durable. Pyrex tanks come in a range of awesome designs and have top-notch airflow design specs for huge vapours. Metal vape tanks assure durability and often include adjustable airflow.

Single versus multi coil: For more vapours, go for a multi coil design (at a higher price); or else, purchase a single coil design.



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