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Vape coils are wrapped around the wicking material in an e-cig and fitted to the atomiser head, which is the coil connecting the positive terminal of the battery to the negative terminal. When you use your e-cig with the wick saturated in e-juice, the coil heats up and vapourises the juice into vapour, which travels to the clearomiser for inhalation.

Vape coils at VAPO NZ

VAPO NZ is happy to stock a large selection of vape coils, from rebuildable vape coils, sub-ohm vape coils and above-ohm vape coils to replacement coils in different configurations. We are committed to helping vapers enjoy a disruption-free experience in a convenient, affordable manner. How long a vape coil will last largely depends on individual vaping habits. Vapers who demand nothing short of the best flavours change their vape coils frequently. For most part, a vapouriser coil will need to be changed after every one or four weeks of use.
The most obvious hint that your coil needs changing is a noticeable reduction in flavour and a dry/burnt taste. If you use 100% VG e-juice, your wicks may wear out faster than if you were to use a VG/PG mix. High power in variable voltage mod has also been seen to wear out coils faster.

Changing vape coils

Once you’ve got your package of vape coils from VAPO NZ, replacement will take just a few seconds. If yours is a top airflow tank then generally you unscrew its top portion where the drip tip is located; the atomiser coil is attached to the centre. Unscrew the atomiser head and discard it. Screw on the new atomiser head and attach the component to the atomiser.
If you have a bottom airflow tank, unscrew the base of the device and remove it. The atomiser coil will be at the centre of the base. Unscrew the coil and bin it. Screw on the new coil and screw back the base.
An unsaturated wick delivers a burnt taste and the coil can be ruined before you even start vaping. Once you’ve replaced your vape coils, drip e-liquid directly onto the cotton of the coil to ensure it is soaked through, break in the wicks by puffing on your device a couple of times to draw the juice to the wicks BEFORE activating the device. We also highly recommend letting your tank sit or stand upright for 5-10 minutes to allow the e-liquid to soak in.
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