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How To Choose The Right Vape

What vape should I buy for beginners?

Here at VAPO, we offer plenty of high-quality and easy-to-use beginner devices that will suit the needs of anyone looking to give up smoking once and for all. 

The first device we recommend with a proven track record of helping smokers transition is a closed pod vape such as the alt. Pod Kit, HAIZ, Bud Pods or solo Pods. Closed pod systems are extremely easy to use and the most successful way to transition from cigarettes to vaping. The alt. and HAIZ products provide ex-smokers satisfaction similar to smoking but without all the thousands of harmful carcinogens within a cigarette. The devices both consist of a battery and a pod (filled with e-liquid), and that’s it! Simply insert the pod inside the battery and puff away - no batteries, no mess. This makes it the ideal and the first option to consider when purchasing a first vape.

The second style of vaping device we recommend is a pen-style starter kit such as the Alpha 2 Starter Pen. Vape pens also simulate a cigarette with a mouth-to-lung draw and give ex-smokers a similar feeling as when they draw from a cigarette. The Alpha is also refillable, which means you can fill it with any juice flavour of your choice, and it allows you to dictate the nicotine level in your vape. Unlike closed pod systems, the Alpha Vape Pen also has replaceable coils, so you can keep your tank and replace only the coil. This device is ideal for people who want a classic mouth-to-lung draw and can control what flavour and nicotine strength they prefer to kick their cigarette habit! 

The next vape we recommend for beginners is the Flow 2 Vape Kit, which is ideal for a more intense flavour and big clouds. This simple one-button device makes it suitable for someone who wants a portable kit that provides a fantastic direct-lung draw and excellent flavour production.

Another option is a disposable vape such as solo, a recyclable disposable vape. With over 15 flavours and available in multiple nic-strengths, this single-use vape is an easy and affordable option to begin transitioning from cigarettes and start your vaping journey. Maintenance and mess-free, all you need to do is open the box, peel away the sticker, and start vaping! Once you’re finished, simply recycle your solo through VapeCycle, and choose a new flavour. These devices come pre-charged and prefilled with nic salt e-juice for convenient and non-committal vaping. 


How do I choose the right coil for my vape? 

A coil is the part responsible for heating up the e-liquid and vapourising it. A coil is a fairly simple mechanism. It’s constructed from a coiled wire which is surrounded by cotton.

There are plenty of coils that VAPO offers that will suit all customers' needs! Of course, every tank is different, meaning different tanks use different coils, but most manufacturers generally follow the same rules. 

The tank you are using requires you to select coils designed specifically for that tank, which means that there are no universal coils that fit every tank. The manufacturer for your tank will generally provide more than one option of coils with different resistances, which is an electrical measurement measured in ohms. In simple terms, the resistance of your coils determines how quickly/slowly your coil will heat up. Low-resistance coils (for example, 0.15 ohms) produce warmer vapour and larger clouds, which are better suited for direct-lung vapers. In contrast, high resistance coils (for example, 1.2ohms) produce a cooler vape which is ideal for mouth-to-lung vapers. 

We recommend high-resistance coils, such as 1.2ohms, for e-liquid, which contains high-strength nicotine, such as nicotine salts and low-resistance coils, such as 0.2ohms for freebase e-liquid.

See our Coil Compatibility Chart for more info on what coils work with your device.


What is a good vape for beginners?

The VAPO team highly recommends closed pod systems for beginners looking to kick the habit of cigarettes! The alt. Pod Kit has a proven track record of being one of the best solutions for anyone looking to switch from cigarettes. 

The alt. Pod Kit and Replacement Pods are easily accessible - available in over 2800 stores throughout New Zealand. You can find the alt. Pods and kits in most places where cigarettes are available, including, but not limited to, Pak’n’Save, New World, Four Square, Liquorland, Countdown, Fresh Choice, Z Fuel stations, BP Fuel, Mobil and Caltex, along with dairies/convenience and liquor stores.

The alt. Pod Kit is one of the easiest vapes to use. Simply insert the pod into the battery and inhale! No button, no mess, no fuss. The battery simply charges via Micro USB. When the liquid in your pod is finished, simply replace this pod and vape on.


What is a good wattage to vape for beginners?

Wattage is a simple measure of the power used with an electronic cigarette, and with some devices, you can adjust the wattage to your liking. The adjustments will determine how much power your vape will use and how warm and dense or light and smooth your vapour production will be.

Wattage will vary from device to device, and most people will have a different preference on what to set their wattage to on their device. Generally speaking, it is recommended that you say in between the wattages the coil manufacturer specifies. For example, the Vaporesso GT Core GT2 0.4ohm coil recommends that the wattage is best for this coil between 55w-65w. This recommendation lets you understand which wattage gets the most out of this coil. However, you may wish to use this coil at 25w, which is completely fine, as it does not go over the recommended 65w. Adjustable wattage allows you to completely customise the heat and density of your vapour production to your liking!

Different nicotine levels will help you determine which wattage to use as well. For example, nicotine salts should NEVER be used with sub-ohm coils as those coils will provide far too much power and will provide an unpleasant experience. Nicotine salts should be used with high resistance coils such as 1.2ohms, and the recommended wattage will generally be between 11-14w, depending on the coil. Sub-ohm coils with lower resistance are suited best for freebase nicotine, such as 3mg, which can be vaped at higher wattages, such as 55w, depending on the coil.


What is a good vape to start with?

VAPO recommends that current or ex-smokers start with something simple, easy to use and proven to help smokers/ex-smokers transition away from the traditional cigarette, which is the alt. Pod Kit and the HAIZ Pod Kit.

These devices are very effective tools to battle against the awful habit of smoking cigarettes because they provide users with the same satisfaction they get with smoking a traditional cigarette. They are incredibly straightforward devices that require little to no maintenance, simply pop a pre-filled pod inside the device's battery and puff away! No carrying bottles or coils, and the replacement pre-filled pods are found anywhere that cigarettes are - for example - BP, Mobil, Countdown, Fresh Choice, Z Fuel stations and many more. Have a look at the alt. Stockist map to find the nearest alt. store to you!


What should I look for when buying a vape?

Buying a new vape or looking to upgrade an existing device? Here’s what to look for!

Pod system

Pod systems have been proven to be the most style of device to quit smoking. There are two types of pod systems - closed pod and open pod systems. Closed pod systems are pre-filled and take all the hassle and mess out of vaping; simply insert a pre-filled pod and vape away! Open pod systems are similar to closed pod systems, except the pods are completely refillable with a flavour of your choice. 

Closed Pod Systems:

  • Ease of use - These devices couldn’t possibly get easier to use! Simply pop in a pod flavour of your choice and vape away! There is no need to mess around with e-liquid or coils. 
  • Battery life - Because these devices typically don’t use much power, their battery life can last anywhere between 1-2 days per charge. 
  • Accessibility  - Closed pod systems such as the alt. can be found in many places where cigarettes are sold, making it easy to access at all times of the day. 

Open Pod Systems:

  • Flavour of your choice - Open pod systems allow the user to dictate what flavour and nicotine strength go into the device. 
  • Lowering nicotine usage - The open pod systems are a great way of lowering your nicotine intake because it allows the user to choose a lower-strength e-liquid if they choose to.  
  • Refillable - Open pod systems are completely refillable, which means the pod is reusable until it’s time to replace the pod. 

Vape Pen

Vape pens are an excellent choice for new vapers looking to kick their smoking habit and transition into a healthier option for giving up cigarettes. They are thin pen-style systems that simulate the same feeling you get from cigarettes and provide a similar vapour production, unlike box mods. Below is a list of pros for Vape Pens:

  • Shape - Vape pens generally come in a compact and thin cylindrical shape which often helps users transition from traditional cigarettes as it mimics the appearance of a cigarette. 
  • Cigarette-like vapour production - These devices do not produce copious amounts of vapour, unlike the box mods. They simply put out the same amount of vapour as a cigarette would put in smoke. This makes it ideal for new vapers and ex-smokers. 
  • Mouthpiece - One of the key advantages of having a pen-style vape device would be something as simple as the mouthpiece. Some devices have a cylindrical mouthpiece with similar dimensions to a cigarette butt to help bring that same feeling you get from puffing on a traditional cigarette. 

Box Mod

A box mod is a type of device that is more advanced than its other vape device counterparts as they have adjustable wattage, temperature control, removable batteries and a regulated chipset that provides safety features to prevent electrical shorts or low battery protection. Below is a list of pros for buying a box mod:

  • Longer battery life - Most box mods accept one, two or three removable batteries, which means you can get more battery power and longer battery life. This also means that you can carry spare batteries so you can switch on the go! 
  • Better vapour production - One major advantage to having a box mod is having the option of higher wattage, which means more clouds! This is perfect for cloud chasers or vape enthusiasts looking to dictate the vapour production on their devices. 
  • Control - The box mods that are newer or only a few years old come with sophisticated built-in circuit boards that allow the user to control their wattage and temperature and manage many different settings (theme, puff counter, etc.)  in order to get the perfect vapour production the user wishes to choose. 


What is the best type of vape to buy?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of vapes in the market currently that will suit the needs of any new vaper or ex-smoker, although, with the large variety offered, it may be overwhelming. This guide will help you find the right device for you. 

The first step would be to figure out what exactly you’re looking for from the device, as this will help you narrow down the devices and make an informed and educated decision. 

If you’re looking for an extremely simple yet effective device that requires little to no maintenance, look no further than the alt. or HAIZ. These mess-free devices take the hassle out of vaping and do it all for you! These devices are pre-filled and ready to go after purchase, simply pop out the used pod and slide in the new pod, and you’re all set to puff away! 

If you’re looking for a refillable system that simulates the feeling of a cigarette and has a cylindrical shape and mouthpiece to help you transition away from smoking, then the V Alpha 2 Starter Pen is for you!

Awesome flavour and massive clouds? The Flow 2 Vape Kit is for you. This compact yet powerful direct lung starter kit will surely fulfil the cravings for amazing flavours and cloud chasing!


Which is the safest vape device?

Regulated devices are considered the safest vape devices to use as they come equipped with an inbuilt circuit board that protects the vape from things such as short-circuiting, low battery, batteries overheating etc. This makes regulated devices the safest type of vape for everyday use. 

For example, the Vaporesso brand uses the AXON Chip in many of their devices, which is a circuit board that provides all the safety features mentioned above. This chip allows whatever device it’s built-in with the option to do incredible things like temperature control, button firing time monitor to allow you to see how long your draw lasts and Power Eco mode, which is essentially low battery mode for your vape to keep your battery life lasting a bit longer! 

The safest vapes to use that we offer here at VAPO, for example, the Geekvape Aegis, Vaporesso GEN and the Voopoo Argus ranges, are all among some of the safest vape devices to use as they come with an in-built circuit board that protects these devices from things like overheating or short-circuiting. 


What is the best vape for a heavy smoker?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “I’m a heavy, pack-a-day smoker. Will vaping even help me give up the ciggies?” Short answer, yes! 

If you’re a heavy smoker looking to cut back or once and for all give up the stinkies, then fear not; VAPO has you covered! Heavy smokers will tend to want more ‘oompf’ when it comes to a throat hit from their vape; this is where alt. comes into play! The alt. Pod vape provides users with a 2.85% nicotine strength to replicate the same throat hit that they typically get from a cigarette and satisfies the craving.

Shop alt. Pod Vape


What’s the best vape?

Here at VAPO, we offer the best quality and authentic vaping products that will suit the needs of anyone looking to transition from smoking. For personal vaping advice and recommendations for vapes that best suit your needs, please visit one of our 28+ retail stores, where our incredibly knowledgeable staff have had excellent training to help you find the best vape for you. In-store, they will be able to ask you questions and get more information to point you in the right direction and help you quit the dreaded ciggies. So head into your nearest VAPO vape shop and inquire today!

So now you have found the perfect vape for you! It's now time to choose your e-liquid flavour.


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