VAPO Australia Closure

As of February 1st, 2024, VAPO Australia is closed and we no longer ship to Australia.

We cannot supply vaping products to Australian consumers due to differing regulatory standards and import restrictions.

We understand your frustrations and the inconvenience caused by the sudden closure and apologise to our loyal customers. Ideally, we would have given our customers advanced notice of any changes; however, this was outside our control following a request from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

We have answered some questions below that we hope will provide clarity for you. 

For any general queries, please contact our VAPO Customer Support team.

Account Information

All VAPO Australia customer accounts are now closed.

Orders Placed Before Closure

Please contact our Customer Support team if you placed an order just before our Australia site shut down and have not received it. 


All subscription orders have been cancelled. 


Australia Law

Australians need a prescription to access nicotine-containing e-cigarette products for any purpose legally. This includes importing these products from overseas.

Under Australian law, it is illegal to buy, possess or use liquid nicotine for vaping without a prescription from a registered Australian medical practitioner. In most states and territories, it is also illegal to use e-cigarettes in places where smoking is illegal.

You can be fined for acquiring, using and/or possessing liquid nicotine unless a doctor prescribes it. The penalty for importing liquid nicotine without a prescription is up to $222,000 under the Customs Act 19012, and individual state and territory laws can carry further charges.

Simply put, you must have a prescription and follow the law as determined by your state or territory.

The Australian government has announced that the importation of vaping products for personal use, even with a prescription, will be banned. From March 1st 2024, the only legal option to purchase vapes from within Australia will be from Australian pharmacies.


VAPO Customer Support

Our friendly customer service team is available Monday-Friday from 9am-4:30pm NZDT (excluding Public Holidays).

You can contact us here or call +64 9 570 4025.

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