SMOK Vape Kits, Pods, Tanks & Coils

Smok is dedicated to creating new experiences for vapers. Their heavy investment in research and development makes them one of the most cutting-edge vape companies in the world. SMOK provides a better alternative to tobacco, focusing on quality and safety for all their vape products.

Why are SMOK Vape products so popular?

Founded in 2010, SMOK has a history of releasing only the highest quality vapes. SMOK vape products feature innovative technology and design with a range of vapes that vary from beginner-friendly to vapes suited to advanced vapers.

What SMOK Vape products do you recommend?

One of SMOK's most popular products is the SMOK Nord 4 Pod Kit. This is suited to every level of vaper and features a powerful battery in a smaller device for long vaping times.

Don't forget your SMOK Nord Replacement Coils for the SMOK Nord vapes. These dynamic coils ensure powerful flavour performance with the option to choose ohms suited to either DTL or MTL.