Aramax Vape Pen

Our latest pen vape has hit NZ and it is the best one yet! The Aramax Vape Pen is the latest and greatest in pen style vapes. This unit simulates cigarettes with a tight draw - a mouth to lung vape. For more information on mouth-to-lung vaping please visit this page. We also back this unit with a 1 year manufacturers warranty so you can be assured it won't fail on you when you most need it! We have also designed a select range of e-liquid to be used with this unit and it's available free with the kit.

This kit is charged using a micro USB charger (included) and we recommend using a low amp wall-to-USB charger in stock here.

Grab a spare 5-pack of coils here or add them to the order for $16.

As this kit is a mouth-to-lung kit we recommend using it with our selection of MTL e-liquid here.

Kit includes:

1x Aramax Pen Vape

1x Aramax coil

1x Aramax charger

1x 10ml ARAMAX Juice

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