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Vape Wires and Cotton

Vape wires and vape cotton are among the accessories you can shop for at VAPO NZ. We have a good selection of wires in different materials and multiple choices in cotton wicks. Our USA milled wires are from the renowned vape wire manufacturer Kidney Puncher.
Wires used for vaping
Three main types of wires are used for vaping.
Kanthal is inexpensive and easy to use, making it a suitable choice for beginner vapers. Thanks to Kanthal’s elasticity, it is also comfortable for coil building. On the flip side, Kanthal vape wires have a mild effect on flavour, ever so slightly muting certain flavours that some may wish to enhance. As Kanthal wires are sold in big spools, they make great practice wires.
The Kanthal vape wires we sell trace their origin to Europe and are milled in the United States, ensuring top-notch quality. Their excellent quality and performance have earned them high ratings on our site.
Stainless steel has a reputation for delivering fresh and crisp flavours. Builds with stainless steel vape wires have also been seen to last longer and the material is extremely safe as well.

VAPO NZ sells stainless steel wires with superior quality and purity. If you want big and sharp flavours, SS is the way to go.
Nichrome vape wires are also popular as they heat up faster to deliver flavour and vapour quickly. Though the material is easy to twist and wrap, it tends to spring up quite a bit, which may pose a hassle for inexperienced coil builders.
Get big spools of nichrome vape wires at our store for complex coil-building. They are available in a variety of widths to accommodate any build.
Nickel is another vape wire material, though its fast-heating property makes it more suitable for practical purposes when used with Kanthal or nichrome.
Quality vape cotton
VAPO NZ stocks Cotton Bacon and Japanese organic cotton, both of which are a step up above regular cotton and deliver excellent taste as well as durability. Our range also includes master diy build kits with various vape accessories that make light work of simple and complex builds.
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