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NiteCore i2 Charger (NEW EDITION)

Does not include batteries.

The Intellicharger NEW i2, an upgraded edition of the i2, is a charger with compatibility, efficiency and intelligence.

What's New In The Updated Intellicharger i2?

  • LCD screen replaces old i2 power bar
  • 100% charging acceleration
  • Active current distribution technology
  • Expanded compatibility to support 3.7V and 4.35V batteries
  • IMR battery restoration
  • Automatic current selection based on battery capacity
  • Automatic detection of non-rechargeable lithium batteries

The NEW i2 is extremely efficient as it is able to charge the batteries twice as fast as the i2 (up to 1A). It will drastically reduce charging time.

With the Active Current Distribution (ACD) Technology, the NEW i2 automatically identifies battery types and capacity, and then applies an appropriate charging current based on automatic detection or manual setting.

With automatic detection of non-rechargeable batteries, it is able to notify you to discontinue the charging process when you accidentally insert a non-rechargeable battery into the slot. Such design takes safety issues out of concern and ensures top safety during use. It can even restore your depleted IMR batteries.

It works with almost all types of rechargeable batteries, including high, medium and low capacity batteries ranging from 1.2V and 3.7V to 4.2V and 4.35V, thus eliminating the need to own several chargers.

Additionally, yellow and red power/charging status indicator light could visibly indicate battery status and charging process at real time. NEW i2, it's as simple as insert, detect and charge. For more info, please visit:Ê

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Product availability in store

Online: 5+

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VAPO Onehunga: 0

VAPO Takapuna: 0

VAPO Dominion: 0

VAPO K Road: 0

VAPO New Lynn: 0

VAPO Manukau: 0

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

Great device for charging batteries

Nitecore charger

Very easy to use and charges just about any batteries. Very nice


Fast charger. Easy to use

Great charger

Easy to use and quick charging - A+


NiteCore i2 Charger (NEW EDITION)

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