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All About RDA’s and RTA’s

What is an atomizer? An atomizer is a rebuildable component that houses the coil, wick and liquid on regulated and mechanical mods. These atomizers come in two variants - RDA’s (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer’s) and RTA’s (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers). Read on as we explain the differences and the applications.

So, what are the benefits of using an RTA or RDA? 

The benefits are that you have full control and customisation. You can build your own coils to your desired resistance and chug out some insane clouds, and building your own RDA or RTA also means you can vape on the cheap! 

Rebuildable drip atomizers

The RDA is by far the most popular system among the cloud chasing community. If you want huge clouds that obscure your vision, you will want to start building on an RDA. 

How does an RDA work? 

An RDA works by dripping the liquid from the bottle into the tank via a ‘driptip’, which is also known as ‘re-dripping’ within the vaping community. 

The RDA will require a bit more work to keep you puffing - after two or three puffs you have vaped off most of your juice which will require a refill, however, the benefits of this are that you can change up your flavours often!

Rebuildable tank atomizers

RTA’s are a tank system with a rebuildable coil. Similar to your standard vape pen, it contains a tank that you fill up and vape until the liquid is exhausted, then refill and off you go again! The difference is it’s highly customisable with the ability to add your own coils, wick and tailor your resistance. 

RTA’s are convenient but come with a tiny sacrifice when compared to the much simpler RDA. They have more parts than an RDA and require more of a learning curve to get right, and as they contain a tank it means you are stuck with a certain flavour for a longer period of time. 

I’m new to this and have never built before, where do I start? 

As mentioned an RDA is easier to build on and has less of a learning curve, the building of an RDA/RTA is not a hard thing to get started with, but it can be finicky. At VAPO all of our staff are able to help you choose the right product and even help you with building options. If you have any questions regarding a build, or just want to get some advice on how to do it right, come in and see us!

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