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How to Use VAPO's Alpha 2 Vape Pen

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vaper, the Alpha 2 is perfect for anyone looking for a satisfying and hassle-free vaping experience. With its intuitive one-button design, automatic safety features, and USB-C charging port, this device is reliable, fast, and easy to use.


What is a vape pen?

Pen style vapes are one of the most popular styles of vaping devices on the market, they are especially popular among the community of people who have quit, or are looking to quit smoking due to their discreetness, similar feel and drag to a cigarette and a much, much lower cost. A vape pen will consist of three components, a battery, tank, and atomizer.  Set up is easy as the device comes pre-charged.

The VAPO Alpha 2 is one of our most popular vape pens! The Alpha 2 is a small vape unit that provides a powerful punch thanks to its 1000mAh battery, large tank size, and high-quality organic cotton coils. We have specifically focused on making the draw tight giving you an MTL style similar to a cigarette.


Alpha 2 components (What's in the box)

Every Alpha 2 kit comes with a battery, tank atomizer and USB-C charging cable. Before you use the Alpha 2 vape pen you will need to first assemble it.


Step 1. Assemble your Alpha 2 device;

Take the body and the tank of the device and screw the tank onto the body.
Make sure the alpha vape tank is set firmly onto the vape body. Unscrew the top cap to prepare priming of the coil.

You will need to have also purchased your choice of e-liquid.


Step 2. Priming the coil (Adding liquid to the coil);

To prime, drop two to three drops into the centre of the coil, then fill the tank as normal. Stand the Alpha 2 upright and leave it for 20 minutes before use.


Step 3. Turn the your Alpha 2 on;

Turning the Alpha 2 is as simple as clicking on the button three times. Once the green light flashes, your Alpha 2 is ready for use.

To begin vaping, hold the button down, inhale first into your mouth, and then into your lungs to give you a similar sensation to smoking.

If you are new to vaping then first inhale a small amount and draw down into your lungs as you get used to the feeling increase your draw until you are at a comfortable level. It’s that easy!

To turn your device off, click the button three times and it will lock.

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