Vaping Regulations 2021

What's Happening? 

It's business as usual at VAPO as new laws from the government are set to take effect on the 11th of August 2021.

The new laws will restrict any flavours aside from Menthol, Mint & Tobacco from being sold through General Sites (Gas Stations, Supermarkets & Convenience Stores) if you use these flavours, you'll still be able to purchase them at these sites! Use fruit/dessert flavoured E-Liquid? Nothing will change in the way VAPO operates! 

Even though nothing is really changing at VAPO we still want to make sure our customers are kept in the loop.

All VAPO flavours & products that are available now will always be available through our retail stores & online at

Shop Directly with VAPO

If you are currently buying directly through the VAPO online store or any of our VAPO retail sites, nothing will change for you! Continue shopping with us the same way as you always have with full access to all our great flavours & products. Shopping directly with us is the best option for all customers moving forward but for those that don’t shop directly with VAPO or who have a preferred supplier of VAPO products, please checkout the info below.

Shopping with General Retailers

From 11th August 2021 General Retailer stores will only be able to sell a limited range of flavours. These flavours are tobacco, menthol, and mint. The General Retailer title applies to all Gas Stations, Supermarkets, Convenience, Liquor stores & Bars. If you are a tobacco, menthol or mint user nothing will change for you at these sites. For all other flavours please shop directly with VAPO, either online or at any of our retail sites to get full access to all our flavours.

Shopping with Specialist Vape Retailers

Vaping retailers that meet the 70% sales threshold of vaping products are now considered a "Specialist Vape Retailer". Achieving this status means a store can continue selling all flavours and products. VAPO has always sold 100% vaping products so there will be no changes for us under these new laws - everything will still be readily available! Specialist Vape Retailers who stock VAPO products will be able to sell all flavours so if you currently buy our products through a Vape Store you will still be able to get all the flavours you love and enjoy.

New Product Safety Standards

Finally, the new regulations bring with them new product safety standards that will slowly start to be introduced. All VAPO products are strictly manufactured in accordance with international regulations. We are relieved that the entire New Zealand industry must now adhere to the same safety guidelines that we have been following for years. As VAPO already manufactures all of its products to the highest standards this will result in no changes to the availability of any of our products we sell online and in-store.