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FREE E-BOOK! Dr Colin Mendelsohn's Stop Smoking, Start Vaping is now available as a free download.

Who doesn’t love a freebie? What’s more, how about a freebie that will help you quit smoking and guide you through the world of vaping?

Dr Colin Mendelsohn, former Chairman of the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA), has just made his riveting and enlightening book Stop Smoking Start Vaping available for free as an e-book, and we’re sharing it with you!

Dr Mendelsohn argues vaping is the most popular and effective aid for quitting smoking. However, it is poorly understood, and there is widespread misinformation and scaremongering in the media and from many health organisations.

The book dispels the myths about vaping and outlines the evidence in an easy-to-read and authoritative manner with over 400 scientific references. It also provides step-by-step advice on switching from smoking tobacco and why vaping is unfairly seen as controversial. Featuring fifteen real and inspiring case studies of former smokers, these relatable stories show how vaping can change your life for the better when you put down cigarettes.

Stop Smoking Start Vaping is broken up into three easily digestible parts:

Part 1

Explains what vaping is and the scientific evidence that underpins it. Is it safer than smoking? What is popcorn lung? How harmful is nicotine? Is vaping an effective quitting aid? Is it legal in Australia?

Part 2

A practical guide to getting started with vaping. What device should you buy, how much nicotine do you need, what are mouth-to-lung vaping and ‘nicotine salts’, and how do you vape safely.

Part 3

Explores the controversies about vaping. Why is it opposed by many health and medical authorities, especially in Australia? What are the hidden reasons underpinning their objections? Is youth vaping a serious concern? How should vaping be regulated, and what can we do to accelerate the uptake of vaping by adult smokers?

Stop Smoking Start Vaping is endorsed by leading Australian and international experts, including Professors John Britton, Peter Hajek, Neal Benowitz, Riccardo Polosa, Hayden McRobbie and Wayne Hall.

Download your free copy of Stop Smoking Start Vaping here!

Alternatively, you can purchase a paperback copy here.


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