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Pod Subscription Changes

The latest New Zealand vaping regulations mean some pod products are changing. These changes will affect your daily vaping, in particular if you have a pod subscription.

From the 21st of March, 2024, all pod vapes will need to incorporate the following features:

  • The concentration of nicotine must not exceed 28.5 mg/mL
  • E-liquid flavour names limited to 1 or 2 flavour names found in this list provided by the Ministry of Health
  • 5-press child safety lock on device
  • Removable battery from device

After this date, all our pods will have a reduced nicotine strength. The maximum strength will now be 28.5mg/mL or 2.85%.

In addition to this, some pods are being discontinued while others are changing, so you will need to update your subscription.

Which products are discontinued?

By March 21st, the following pods will no longer be available. 

  • alt. Nu Pods 
    • All 4% / 40mg pods
  • alt. Classic Pods
    • All nicotine strengths will be discontinued, and an upgraded pod featuring the latest technology will replace them. This pod will offer improved vapour and more e-liquid per pod. Flavour formulations will stay the same. Select flavours will also be discontinued.

  • VEX Pods
    • All 3.5% / 30.5mg pods
    • All 5% / 50mg pods

  • Solo Pods
    • All 5% / 50mg pods

  • HAIZ Pods
    • All 3% / 30mg pods



Which products will be available for subscription after the changes?

The following pods will all be available for subscription and fully comply with the new regulations. Not all pods will be in stock immediately, but we’ll notify you when they are.

  • alt. Nu Pods 
    • 0% / 0mg (selected flavours)
    • 2% / 20mg (15 flavours) AVAILABLE NOW
    • 2.85% / 28.5mg (all 19 flavours)
  • alt. Classic Pods 
    • 0% / 0mg (selected flavours)
    • 2% / 20mg (Tobacco, Sweet Tobacco, Menthol, Menthol Spearmint, Mint, Spearmint, Peppermint, Sweet Mint)
    • 2.85% / 28.5mg (Tobacco, Sweet Tobacco, Menthol, Menthol Spearmint, Mint, Spearmint, Peppermint, Sweet Mint)

  • solo Pods 
  • Bud Pods 
  • VEX Pods
    • 2.85% / 28.5mg (all 12 flavours)

  • HAIZ Pods
    • 2.85% / 28.5mg (3 flavours: Tobacco, Menthol Mint)

What will happen to my pod subscription?

Your subscription will continue until March 20th or until the product you’re subscribed to runs out of stock. Whichever comes first. After this, your subscription will be placed on hold. You will not be charged for a new subscription once this happens, as your subscription cannot run.

You can update your subscription before this so that you can easily transition. 

How do I update my subscription?


Because we like to keep subscriptions super flexible, you can change your subscription product anytime from within your account dashboard.

We recommend you update your subscription to a compliant product as soon as you can to avoid missing out on your pods!  

You can swap, add or remove any applicable products to your subscription.

  • Log in to your account

  • Click on Manage Subscription, then click Products in your subscription

    • From here, you can change your product's nicotine strength or flavour or remove it completely.

  • If you’d like to add another product to your subscription, navigate to the relevant product page and click Add To Existing Subscription

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? 

We’re always here to help! Contact our friendly Customer Service team, and they’ll sort out your subscription. 

Subscribe & Save Benefits

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  • Set and forget. We’ll handle the rest.

  • Pause, edit or cancel anytime.





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