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Nicotine Salts

Nicotine Salts are now available in New Zealand!
Nicotine Salts | A brand new technology and the most exciting technology to come to vaping!


Standard (Freebase) Nicotine 

The standard nicotine you will be used to in regular e-liquid is commonly called freebase nicotine. This style of nicotine is not bonded to anything else so it is quite volatile meaning it is an easily vaporised form of nicotine. 

If you're using a device with a coil resistance larger than 1 ohm, nicotine salt products can be a great option that provides more powerful relief from nicotine withdrawal while minimising throat hit compared to freebase nicotine options. 

Nicotine Salt 

A nicotine salt is a more natural state of nicotine - closer to the form nicotine is found in tobacco leaf. It is made up of freebase nicotine bonded with one or more organic compounds to create a more stable molecule. 

This more natural make up of nicotine creates a molecule with a different pH compared to freebase nicotine. pH corresponds to throat hit so a more neutral pH (as found in nicotine salts) can create less of a throat hit - even at high nicotine levels. 

Different salt nicotine solutions may have varying amounts of throat hit at the same strengths - 25mg nicotine salt eliquid might be super smooth on one flavour, but another flavour with the same strength might have more throat hit. 


  • Nicotine Absorption: Nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream faster than regular 'freebase nicotine' meaning you get a more satisfying vape faster and without having to vape as often. 
  • Extended Shelf Life: As the nicotine salt is a more stable molecule, shelf life for the product is longer than standard freebase nicotine. 
  • Portability & Convenience: Because nicotine salts allow for higher nicotine levels devices can be much smaller and compact compared to standard vaping devices but still provide a satisfying vape! 


  • Sub-ohm devices: High-strength (20mg+) nicotine salt products should never be used in conjunction with a 'sub-ohm' device. Using these more powerful devices 

with high-strength nicotine salt delivers too much nicotine at once and can cause side effects such as headaches, nausea, and erratic heart rate. 


  • Closed system devices: If you're new to nicotine salts, we recommend starting with a closed pod system device. The advantage of closed systems is that pods come pre-filled at an appropriate nicotine strength to match the device's output. You don't need to refill the pod, or change any coils! Simply dispose of a pod once it's empty and pop in a new pre-filled pod. 
  • Recommended closed system device: For the very best in nicotine salt devices check out our very own VAPO HAIZ. For more information on the VAPO HAIZ and Nicotine Salts check out this blog article
  • Open system devices: Open systems (also called refillable pod systems) need to be refilled once empty. Depending on the device, the coil may also need to be changed over time. The advantage of open systems is that any freebase nicotine or nicotine salt products can be used with them. 
  • If you're already experienced with nicotine salt, or wish to upgrade from a closed system - we have plenty on offer! Check out our range of refillable pod system products here. If you'd like to use nicotine salt eliquid with any of these devices, remember to make sure they have a coil/pod with a resistance of 1 ohm or higher! 
  • Nicotine salt e-liquid for open systems: If you wish to use nicotine salt eliquid with a refillable pod, we have some of the most popular international brands available right here in NZ. Check out our range of nicotine salt eliquid here